Fear, Apathy, and Tolerance for Crime

The Third Installment from Cancun:

Fear, Apathy and Tolerance for Crime: the three elements necessary for a criminal stronghold to exist. Our crime fighting efforts in community policing are dependent upon the ability of law enforcement to attack strongholds at their source. In this video, we examine some of the tactical aspects of Police Dynamics training — the role that trust-based relationships, fueled by good character and a commitment to professional ethics, play in fighting crime.


Making the Character Connection

We have such a limited vocabulary when it comes to character. We routinely praise people for their achievement and their achievement alone, without recognizing the good character that produced the achievement. Learning to make the character connection forces you to become a better supervisor or a better parent. This is THE paradigm shift for understanding how a character initiative works in real life…

BTW: I’m still in Cancun but we have been too “busy” relaxing and stuff for me to produce any more videos from here. But I kept some in reserve that I produced in Kabul…