The New Mission

Me in my "business attire" at the Ministry of the Interior - Kabul

Since making the decision to retire as Sheriff of Dorchester County, my wife and I have been seeking God’s leadership in determining what should be my next “mission.” This quest has led me to seek a position overseas as a Police Mentor in Afghanistan. Needless to say, we are excited about this assignment and the opportunities it presents.

However, most of the information regarding my assignment is sensitive and cannot be released publicly. But I hope to be able to make a number of posts regarding the character-based principles of Police Dynamics. So please stay tuned if you are interested in learning more.

And please keep me and my family in your prayers as we continue on this great adventure.

(Note the tie and S.C. flag…)


12 thoughts on “The New Mission

    • We had an abbreviated version that we used on a limited basis during the campaign 5 years ago. But it was hard to get that kind of stuff out back then in the dark ages of social networking. Wish we had had FB and blogsites then!

  1. Ray Nash,

    It was great to get the Twitter invite, I think about you often and I know that your current mission was written in the chapter well before now. Life is a journey for all of us and what makes the journey different is the path we all decide to take. You are an inspiration to everyone and I will certainly keep you and your family in prayer. Please keep me posted at the email address provided above.

    Greg Dillon

    • Greg:

      Great to hear from you. And I’m glad to know my Twitter blast worked. Please stay in touch and visit the site often. I trying to get some good content on it early and keep it updated regularly. With some support from friends and colleagues, I would like to see it launch as the biggest on-line community for character issues in law enforcement. And later I want to expand it into business and other arenas. So please feel free to pass the link on and comment often…

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