The Difference Between Ethics and Character

Ethics and character are related, but distinct terms. Here, IN MY FIRST EVER VIDEO BLOG, I use an illustration from Police Dynamics to explain the difference.


4 thoughts on “The Difference Between Ethics and Character

  1. Ray,
    This is great. I’ve been thinking since 2007 that you would be perfect to train the Iraqi and Afghanistan police forces using the Police Dynamics program that you developed.
    Leo Lozano

    • Steven:

      Great to hear from you. And I appreciate your encouragement. You were the one that told me I needed to update my web presence. So I FINALLY did it!

      I wanted to call you while I was home on leave but just didn’t get a round tuit. How is the new initiative with Character First! going?

      I also wanted to ask you about getting another copy of the DVD from the IACC conference where Mike Daily and Rodney Ray (and I think there was one other speaker) spoke so highly of the Police Dynamics program. I would like to get that in an mpeg format so I could load it onto this site. I also would like to get the sample DVD that you produced for me in the same format. That way I can post the Dynamic of Character and the Dynamic of Authority on the site as well. Let me know if your production staff could do this for me.

      You can see that I included a link to Character First! I probably need to do another link to your IACC page. What page would you like me to send folks to?

      And please help me promote this blog. I’m getting a lot of hits on it, but I really want to create some “buzz!”


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