The Highest Ideal of Law Enforcement

Bringing peace out of disorder is the highest ideal of law enforcement. Why are some police officers so good at it and others such failures? The character based principles of Police Dynamics provide some answers.


3 thoughts on “The Highest Ideal of Law Enforcement

  1. It’s good to see you again, Ray! We’ve been privileged to help some more law enforcement agencies…whose team members endure so much pressure, stress, and public scrutiny. And our prison programs seem to be going really well in Oklahoma. I hope we can show you around next time you visit.


    • Robert:
      I’ll look forward to it. I wrote a research paper for my Master’s course and used Character First! in the OK juvenile jail as part of the project. I plan to post an excerpt on the blog site sometime soon. Hope all is well at CTI. Keep the posts coming and please encourage others to visit the site and become part of our “community of character…”

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