6 thoughts on “Twin Towers of Integrity

  1. Hi Ray,

    You’re looking good. I think this blog is a GREAT idea and I look forward to any new stuff.

    Keep it up and take care of yourself.

    Best regards,

    • Shawn:

      Great to hear from you. How are things going with the 1repgym? The whole idea of static contraction training is an awesome concept. From a “return on investment” standpoint, you can’t beat it.

      We have a nicely equipped gym here and I have been doing some stuff with Kettlebells, but I still like the one-rep workout concept.

      I still have the Dynamic of Wellness website up that advocates the static contraction training. I have been promoting it for public safety professionals due to their busy lifestyles.


  2. Ray,
    We have wore out your video seminar from your visit in 2002. It is required viewing by all of our new officers.

    I was a patrol officer your last visit trying to articulate what I know to be true, but you define it so eloquently. Now I am part of my agency’s Command Staff and these video blogs are great!

    Unfortunately I have learned that many agency leaders feel or believe they do not have the authority to intervene in “moral train wrecks” or “character suicide”, when it doesn’t occur on the clock. I guess in this litigious & “PC” society, we suffer from our own character flaws to act and respond appropriately.

    Be safe & God Bless,
    Scot Ross

    • Scot:

      Great to hear from you, brother! I remember my trip in 2002 very well and I’m glad to know y’all are getting such good use out of the training videos. Many agencies have found them a useful resource for in-service and pre-service training. But I always wonder if they’re being used effectively.

      And congratulations on your promotion to the Command Staff. It sounds like your career is fast-tracking.

      Please visit this forum often and let me know if I can help you or your agency in any way.

      BTW: I don’t know if you have the DVD or the VHS version of the videos, but I’ve got the DVDs on sale for half-price right now. There is a link on the main blog page where you can contact me if you need to upgrade…


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