4 thoughts on “Law of the Harvest

  1. Sheriff,

    Thank you for your great message. I talked to you several years ago at a conference in Oregon and told you how after seeing you we began basing everything we did on character and how successful we have became. We base our hiring, promotion, special assignments, praise, evaluations, etc, on character. Years later we continue to have a great culture and our citizens (customers) are very happy with the service we provide. Thank you for continuing your public service and be careful. If you get bored during a lockdown, please check out our community and recruiting videos on our website. You might even hear us mention the importance of character.


    • Dave:

      Thank you so much for your encouraging remarks. I am so pleased to learn that you and your agency have taken the character message to heart. As a trainer, you don’t really know for sure how much of an impact you are having. People can recognize you for the content of the message, but when they actually go back and implement it — that is the true test of effectiveness. Particularly when they report good results like in your case.

      Character really is the key to the problems and challenges we face in law enforcement, as well as in our community at large. Thank you being an example and inspiration….

      Sheriff Ray

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