Making the Grade – The Qualities of a Good Student

I use an illustration from a radio talk show that I hosted to drive home a point about character and achievement. Good character will result in high achievement but we must learn to recognize it, articulate it, and encourage it in the right way.

5 thoughts on “Making the Grade – The Qualities of a Good Student

  1. Sheriff Nash,
    The Power of Good Character – this was an awesome video clip, and you focused on grades here, the beauty of the concept is that it can be used for anything (as I am sure you are aware). We make a point of trying to focus on character qualities over the single performance. It takes diligence and sometimes creativity to shift away from the “norm” of praising the act and not the character behind the act. Thank you for remaining faithful to the character cause ~ Without Wax; Cherie

  2. Great illustration. Character must have the feet of action to be noticed. Chad was living it and apparently so was his sister.

  3. Great video and as I was watching this it reminded me of a question I was asked one day about putting steel rebar in concrete footers. Why do you put steel in concrete isn’t it strong enough or is it a code requirement? I can remember my answer – Everything in life requires a Strong Foundation to survive the elements. Concrete is just like everything else and without it’s Rebar (character) it will eventually fail. So, to answer your question Steel Rebar is what keeps the concrete in place even if parts of it fail, and yes it is required by code. So in comparison, Character is a vital part of our lives and like rebar in concrete when we fail it is our character that helps us survive. That is why I firmly stand on my own quote “Failure is always the Start of Success”. A strong foundation may show a crack or two but thanks to its rebar (character) it will continue to carry its load.

    Greg Dillon

    • Excellent illustration, Greg. You can’t “see” character but you can observe the results — integrity or inner strength under pressure — just like the re-bar…

      I appreciate your post. Keep up the good character!


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