1 thought on “The Authority Maxim

  1. I am thinking about writing an essay about how people were taught right from wrong by their parents and by the Church, when I was growing up in the 1950’s. People were taught patriotism in the public schools and they even got it from Hollywood by fellows like John Wayne and Gary Cooper. Movies actually had a plot in those days. There were well defined good guys and bad guys. The good guys really did wear white hats, and they won every time.

    When you grew up in such an environment, there was no necessity for formal classes to teach policemen, soldiers and public servants to live by the Golden Rule. It was just understood and expected.

    Today remedial classes that explain the importance, and the empowerment, that comes from following correct principles, are necessary precisely because our institutions have failed. In many cases the family unit has also failed and the government has assumed many of the former functions of the Church, family, and community but without the ethical framework.

    Dean Allen
    Candidate for S.C. Adjutant General

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