Hollywood and the Renegade Cop

Do you realize that Hollywood glamorizes the Renegade Cop? This video explains the impact on the law enforcement profession.


3 thoughts on “Hollywood and the Renegade Cop

  1. Ray, I am concerned about these things and try to impress my two sons with their importance. It is difficult to write or speak about these things without coming across to the younger generation as some old fuddy-duddy who wants to talk about the good old days.

    It is also difficult to correct the problem unless we first identify that problem. It requires pointing fingers at some powerful institutions, things like Churches (collectively, not any particular denomination) government, media, academia, and the Federal Reserve, to name just a few.

    A quick illustration of the latter will suffice. When we were boys American paper money contained an unconditional promise “the United States of America will pay to the bearer on demand ten dollars in gold or lawful money at the treasury of the United States or at any Federal Reserve bank.” Today it just says “this note is legal tender for all debts public and private.”

    One statement is the proverbial gold standard. It is an absolute and unconditional promise to do something – pay gold on demand. The other is merely a statement that contains no promise. The promise empowered you, gave you the right to gold on demand. The weaker statement merely invites you to participate in fraud by offering [“tender” is legalese for “offer”] nothing valuable for your own debts. Today the value [gold] and the promise to pay value on demand are gone. The currency now has the form but not the substance and is reduced merely to an accounting device.

    Just as the gold is gone from our money, the patriotism is gone from our educational system. The judgment to discern right from wrong is gone from our Churches. The responsibility is gone from our media.

    Dean Allen
    Candidate for SC Adjutant General

  2. You make excellent points and I agree completely. I also think the glorification of the renegade damages the image of police officer to the public and their confidence in the authority of law enforcement right along with it.

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