Law Enforcement Stress

Police work is one of the most stressful jobs imaginable. But what is it that makes law enforcement so full of stress? Is it the crazy hours, dealing with people at their worst, riding a roller-coaster of emotions, or something more? Join me as we answer these questions and talk about the number one stressor of police work.

6 thoughts on “Law Enforcement Stress

  1. I’d be curious to read more stories and examples of internal conflict officers are experiencing. I don’t doubt for a minute that it stresses them out, but would love for the topic to be fleshed out a bit. Thanks!

    • It would be difficult to go into detail and keep things striaght but basically things like…. policies……

      Someone misses a court date due to a school conflict that administration set up or maybe the officer was sick and yet is wrote up or given days off to express how important it is to follow policy and proceedures when it comes to court.

      Or when you have been told over and over “We have a NO PURSUIT POLICY!!! YOU CAN NOT PERSUE A VEHICLE UNLESS IT IS LIFE OR DEATH OR A MAJOR FELONY!” and even wrote up or given “verbal” counciling over minor infractions. But yet when two surperivisors, and a third officer total two crusiers and damage a third cruiser by wrecking out a person who was not speeding but just wouldn’t stop for an officer. One supervisor could have been killed or seriouly injured as the vehicle they were in rolled several times. And yet NOTHING was ever said or done to any of them. No time off for violating the policy, no time off for destroying two cruisers and thousands of dollars of damage to the third cruiser not to mention the citizens vehicle that was wrecked out in the procees because the two supervisors wrecked into each other and the third officer thought the suspect did something….

      Seems to me playing favorites within agencies is rampant throughout the nation.

      • Jon:

        This is EXACTLY what I’m talking about! It’s not all the external stuff that stresses us out. It’s the internal stuff! Ambiguous policies, favoritism, and inconsistent discipline are all examples of internal stressors that result from poor character and ineffective leadership.

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