Three Root Character Flaws

You can trace instances of police misconduct back to one of the three root character flaws – anger, lust, and greed. An officer acting out from under authority will often refuse to take personal responsibility for their conflicts and blame other people or other circumstances for their own character failures.

4 thoughts on “Three Root Character Flaws

  1. Ray,
    Once again your wisdom shines through. I am always amazed at your knowledge and insight. How are things going for Police Dynamics? It is about time the world sits up and notices the gems of leadership you offer. I trust these videos are being viewed by law enforcement officials and that they are seeing the value of what you say and offer.


  2. Sheriff Nash:

    So good to get your new videos. What you are showing is ingenuity in a very confined space. Just think your messages are now being shared around the world. Job well done!!!

    I watched all of the videos that you sent today. It is now easier for me to share with leaders your message because of your videos. So I am very appreciative.

    You certainly have had such a year since you retired as a South Carolina Sheriff. You have been seeing the world because of your working with police forces in foreign lands – Africa and Afghanistan.

    So much time has gone by since we talked face to face years ago in Oklahoma City at the International Association of Character Cities Conferences and at the South Carolina Community of Character Conferences in Orangeburg.

    Your new Police Dynamics efforts show what can be done even from a very unsettled area of the world because of war.

    Thanks for being the creative champion for good character that you have been for so many years.

    With real appreciation for your efforts,

    Mary Anne

  3. I am really enjoying these refresher lessons from police dynamics. I am 100% on board with your thoughts and principles and always receive encouragement when I watch your videos. Stay safe. I’m glad you were able to have some relaxing time in Cancun.

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