Determination – A drunk and his beer are not easily parted…

A little bit out of the norm for the Police Dynamics blog, but I couldn’t help but think just how determined this drunk was to hang on to his beer…!

The working definition we use for Determination comes from the Character First! curriculum. It says that determination is:

Purposing to accomplish right goals at the right time, regardless of the opposition

Of course you have to question his choice of goals in this video, but you can’t question his commitment…!

Law enforcement and leadership are full of obstacles. In his book Challenging the Law Enforcement Organization: Proactive Leadership Strategies, Jack Enter calls leadership the “path of most resistance.” (I have heard Jack speak on numerous occasions and am very impressed with his humor, communications skills, and insights into police leadership. I highly recommend him as a consultant and motivational speaker.) Jack promotes determination in the face of opposition as a key character quality for effective police leadership.

I am currently reading Larry Kreider‘s new book,  the 21 Tests of Effective Leadership. Larry makes the same point. He says discipline is the key to passing the Perseverance Test:

“Discipline is what keeps us going forward when our emotions are saying something different. Discipline is what causes us to ‘order our steps’ and face our fears… Discipline keeps our thoughts and emotions on track when circumstances around us would dictate otherwise.”

And I’ve often found myself saying “The undisciplined life is not worth living.”

If only we could demonstrate the level of determination demonstrated by this drunk in accomplishing some of our “right goals.”


2 thoughts on “Determination – A drunk and his beer are not easily parted…

  1. Just wanted to take a minute to say, “I love your web-site and the work you are doing.” I am a current law enforcement offcier and, quite frankly, it is a breath of fresh air to see someone putting the message surrounding “strength of character” out to cops.

    Developing Law Enforcement Attributes + Skills = READYNESS and you sir are doing just that.

    I also love the message of COACTIVE Policing…perfectly put and obviously needed.

    Keep up the great work


    Editor’s Note: Fred is a lieutenant with a local agency in the Northeast and also runs a consulting business called Law Enforcement and Security Consulting. Please visit his blog at

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