Know the Condition of Your Flock

The Shepherd

Know the condition of your flock

I just finished reading Larry Kreider’s most excellent book, 21 Tests of Effective Leadership. It really helped me re-focus on what makes a great leader and recommit myself to becoming the kind of leader I am called to be.

Larry had a bunch of great quotes on leadership, but one that stuck out with me was a quote from former Secretary of State Colin Powell in the chapter called “The Vision Test.” He said:

“… find ways to reach down and touch everyone in a unit. Make individuals feel important and part of something larger than themselves.”

This is a variation of the principle: Know the condition of your flock. An effective leader knows the importance of trust-based relationships within the organization. If you are a supervisor, you should make it a point to touch base with everyone that is directly under your command or a part of your team at least once a day if at all possible. In this way, you will build the relationship and know their condition. This is an essential ingredient for servant-leadership.

Remember: the greatest Leader who ever lived said, “I came not to be served, but TO serve” and “He who would be greatest among you must become the servant of all…”

3 thoughts on “Know the Condition of Your Flock

  1. Your new blog is medicine to my ears and eyes some days. Days when I need reminding of who I am and what I need to do I can always go to your blog and sure enough I can find something that hits home with me. Like the other day when you talked about knowing the condition of your flock. I had been so bogged down with things at work that I had missed several days of talking to each of my employees. Now I am back on track…

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