Polish the Tarnished Badge – Part 6: Enforce the Standard

Most progressive disciplinary models used by law enforcement agencies use behavior-based standards. However, most of our problems stem from ethical failures. Discipline is not always negative. By definition, discipline is training designed to perfect moral character, not necessarily punish behavior.

In this video last video in the Polish the Tarnished Badge series, I use the Path of Destruction from the Dynamic of Restoration to illustrate a powerful principle. To incorporate a character-based dynamic into a progressive discipline model, let the nature of the offense determine the range of internal disciplinary options and let the character of the individual dictate which option is chosen.

This points us back to the leadership principle of knowing the condition of your flock. Without the foundation of internal trust-based relationships, this disciplinary model will not work…

4 thoughts on “Polish the Tarnished Badge – Part 6: Enforce the Standard

  1. Sheriff Ray –

    I look forward to keep reading the information you send. I may be retired, but the cop will always be inside my heart. I believe (more than ever), law enforcement people need to find ways to keep the public on their side. I know a hand full of men and women (cops), are in the business for the wrong reasons. However, I believe a large majority are in the business …….because they have a calling and are pursuing their GOD GIVEN PURPOSE …….to make a difference!


  2. Great stuff! Keep spreading that message Ray and thanks for what you do… our society has never been in more of a need of this type of message regardless of the organzational structure. GOOD STUFF!


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