Life Within the Dash – the Mark of Character

My apologies to my faithful viewers (both of you) for not posting any training videos for a while. I’ve been real busy over here dealing with a number of issues in country (you may have read or heard about some of them) and getting ready for my End of Mission Leave in a few days…!

But here is another training video from our trip to the Holy Land. I hope you enjoy it…

The word character comes from a Latin word that means “engraved mark.” It also has the meaning of “symbol or imprint of the soul.” And if you think about it, it’s our character that leaves a lasting mark on others. It is our character that is our legacy.

On our tombstones will be an engraved mark that records our date of birth, followed by a dash, and our date of death. Our life is summed up by the life we live within the dash. Our character will determine what kind of mark we leave on the lives of others.

The engravers at Petra knew how to leave a mark that would last. Do you…?


One thought on “Life Within the Dash – the Mark of Character

  1. A truly outstanding message from “Petra”. You have some great backdrops for additonal use of these many character messages.

    Be very alert in you last few days. Not paranoid, just alert until on US soil! 1 Peter 5:8 applies. And of course you must remember to always

    Keep your powder dry,


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