Police Dynamics Is Back! – Training Conference in Illinois

Police Dynamics Training

I’m going to have time for one Police Dynamics training conference while I am back in the states on leave. So if you want to attend a live conference, this will be your only chance for a while.

The 2-day conference is hosted by the Law Enforcement Training Advisory Commission in Springfield, IL and will be held at the State Police Academy. Training dates are July 7-8, 2010. Click here to view the flyer for the conference.

Tuition is free and open to any law enforcement officer, including those from out of state, but the space is limited. You can register online at the LETAC website. Hope to see you there…

Here is the description of the training by the LETAC Director:

Sheriff Nash gave this presentation several years ago at our annual Executive Development Workshop and received some of the best reviews we have ever seen. His presentation is powerful and the lessons learned can be used in both personal and professional situations. The instructor not only gives you tools to improve your leadership skills, but makes you THINK about everything. ALL law enforcement officers are LEADERS – no matter what your assignment or rank. This class is NOT to be missed – by anyone!


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