The Dead Sea – One of the Seven Wonders

Interestingly, after I posted the two videos that were recorded at the Dead Sea, I was contacted by the Israel Ministry of Tourism. They were so impressed with the site that they asked me to help them promote the Dead Sea as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Apparently, the Dead Sea is on the short list of sites and a designation as one of the 7 wonders will help Israel’s tourism economy. The New7Wonders is an ad campaign that allows you to vote for your choices from the short list that has already been chosen. The Ministry of Tourism has set up a special website just so you can vote for the Dead Sea. I’ve already visited the site and cast my vote.

This is an official campaign that is endorsed by the Israeli government. However, keep in mind that it IS an ad campaign so they ask for some personal information such as name and email address before you can cast your vote. You also have to vote for six other choices before you can cast your vote for the Dead Sea. But I found it interesting to learn more about these other wonders of the world as well.

Here’s your chance to help support our friends in Israel…


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