Sheriff Ray Available for Police Dynamics Training 

I just learned that my re-deployment to Afghanistan has been delayed for three weeks so I will have time for one or two Police Dynamics conferences. If anyone is interested, we need to start making plans fairly soon. Due to demand, this will have to be on a “first come – first served” basis.

Contact me at for a training proposal or to schedule a conference…


2 thoughts on “Sheriff Ray Available for Police Dynamics Training 

  1. Sheriff Nash:

    I was researching for teaching material for my Ethics in Criminal Justice class that I teach at Lanier Technical College and found your website and also the videos on you-tube. I was very impressed and will implement your police dynamics into my classroom presentations.

    I am currently a Criminal Investigator at the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office in Winder, GA and teach as an adjunct instructor at Lanier Technical College. This is a wonderful website and gives great insight into ethics and what is needed and required as a law enforcement officer as well as any individual. I wanted to make sure there was no problem in showing your videos to my class. Again, thank you. This is exactly the message I wanted to get across to all my students before the enbark in their criminal justice careers.

    Freida W. Harwell
    Barrow County Sheriff’s Office
    30 N. Broad Street
    Winder, GA 30680

    • Freida:

      I’ll do you one better, I’ll have my Training Coordinator send you a sample DVD with some core teachings on it for you to use. As a friend of mine used to say, “If it fits your barrel, fire it!”

      Glad you liked the website. It’s been a labor of love but I’ve fallen a bit behind in keeping it updated. I’m in DC preparing for my new assignment with the Dept. of State. I head back to Afghanistan in about 2 weeks…

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