Twin Towers of Integrity

Those of you who have attended Police Dynamics training in the past will recognize this image as the Twin Towers of Integrity, a model I use to illustrate how character and competence work in tandem to produce a man or woman of integrity. If the foundation is strong, the structure will stand because it has “structural integrity.” But if the pillars are weak, the structure will collapse under pressure.

Twin Towers of Integrity

Twin Towers of Integrity

The ruins of Beth Shean gave me a great opportunity to illustrate the importance of character and competence and what happens when the foundation is weak. We know officers who have tried to build a life or a career around competence alone. These people know procedure, they know the law, they can cite policies by chapter and verse. They are experts in their field…. But you can’t trust them. And sooner or later the character test will come and their lives will come crumbling down around their ears. How many careers, how many relationships, how many reputations, how many marriages have we seen disintegrate due to a character failure…?

And for you archaeology buffs, one more video from the ruins of Beth Shean…

1 thought on “Twin Towers of Integrity

  1. Yes..I know about marriages crumbling because at least one of the two in the couple had no integrity.

    I have seen it as a police officer also.
    I have worked in a department where it was very difficult to find integrity.
    I loved my job..could not bear to be around my fellow officers.

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