We, the People – a Delegation of Authority

The Constitution of the United States is a delegation of authority from “We, the People.” Those of you who have attended Police Dynamics training might remember the Authority Maxim – “all human authority is delegated authority.”

Viewing our founding documents in this context helps us discern what our Founders were up to. The Constitution established the structure of American government built upon its moral foundation, which can be found in the Declaration of Independence.

If you try to interpret the Constitution separate from the its moral foundation – the Declaration – you can turn and twist those words to say just about anything…



One thought on “We, the People – a Delegation of Authority

  1. Ray,

    I have just started viewing your blog and find it very interesting and informative. As a retired police chief from NC, I can say in today’s law enforcement, I have seen a decline in ethics with our law enforcement community, which parallels with a huge decline of morality in our society as a whole.

    Your work focuses on leadership and ethics putting GOD back in the driving seat. May you be a blessing to our law enforcement tasked with keeping us safe back home.


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