Character and Competence

We are back to some more traditional Police Dynamics training videos from my trip to the Middle East.

Here I use the Temple of Zeus in the ancient city of Jerash in Amman, Jordan to explain the Twin Towers of Integrity and how it is possible to build a life on competence alone. But then what happens when the character test shows up? We know police officers like this. They know the law, they know procedure, they know policy. But you can’t trust them…

2 thoughts on “Character and Competence

  1. Excellent point. We all know LE who have just one tower. I recently had a very close friend who had one of the strongest towers of competence and failed the character test. More over, we all told him this was coming. It is not a total shock when you see this in LE. If it is a shock, then Sgts need to speend more time with the troops. This can be avoided. Invest in development of self and others!

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