“It’s not true that nice guys finish last…

Nice guys are winners before the game even starts…!”
Addison Mort Walker
American cartoonist and creator of Beetle Bailey


4 thoughts on ““It’s not true that nice guys finish last…

  1. You are so right about nice guys being winners first. Your character, morals , and integrity will define you and be your legacy long after you’re gone . I so enjoy your blog!

    • You are so right, Chrissy. Character has to be seen as its own reward. I like the definition of Faith as given by the Character Training Institute: “Believing that actions rooted in good character will have the best results, even if I can’t see how…”

      Thanks for your comment about the blog. It does me good to know that there are at least a few folks out there who enjoy it. Makes the effort seem worthwhile…

  2. If you dont mind, where do you host your web site? I am searching for a very good host and your blog seams to be fast and up just about all the time

    • This site is hosted through wordpress.COM. But I will be pulling it down shortly. The new site has been up and running for several months at http://www.PoliceDynamics.com. It is hosted through GoDaddy.com but I use the WordPress.ORG platform (which is supported by GoDaddy). Notice the difference in the two Word Press sites. One is .com, which is free hosting for non-commercial sites. The .org site is for websites hosted on another server (in my case, GoDaddy) and it supports commercial sites. The reason I switched is because I plan to monetize the Police Dynamics site at some point. So it boils down to the purpose of your site. If it is only for a blog-type site, wordpress.com is definitely the way to go because everything is free. If you plan to monetize your site, you will need to buy a hosting plan from a webhost service like GoDaddy and then download the wordpress.org software to create your site. Check out http://www.IPCBAfghanistan.com for another site that I set up using WordPress.com….


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