“Courage is the first of human qualities…”

“Courage is the first of human qualities, because it is the quality which guarantees all others.”      Winston Churchill


One thought on ““Courage is the first of human qualities…”

  1. This is the real challenge of the day because fear is the weapon of the enemy of all that is good and right.

    Even now too many people lack the courage that can only come from having a firm reliance on God. Without the confidence that God is going to intervene in the affairs if Men (translated in your personal life to make what you are asking Him for and speaking to Him about come into reality) then you will not have the courage to stay on track when blood hounds of deceit are barking ever so loudly at the door.

    These dogs of confusion must be put to flight with a firm resolve that freedom can prevail, and that though it cost me everything, I would rather be a MAN and walk free than be the slave to fear. That fear produces mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual slavery to others that have lied to us about reality.

    Principles of truth and good character are the bedrock that we must stand upon. The winds of change are blowing. Will you be standing when they subside, and will truth be the victor for you in your life regardless of what surrounds you. I pray that it will be so for me and my house and for yours.

    Sincerely in Christ who is my Rock,

    Franklin Yeadon Smith

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