The Police Dynamics E-Book is now available for purchase. This 248-page E-book features full color illustrations and a searchable index making it an indispensable tool for the dedicated law enforcement professional.

Click here to download the first 2 chapters for free

“This was a labor of love for me and my good friend, Tom Epperson. We worked hard to translate the entire first series of the Police Dynamics program into text form. You should have seen me at Tom’s recording studio presenting the entire program to an audience of one while he recorded all the sessions so he could transcribe them later.

“I think you will enjoy the detailed explanations and real-life examples of these powerful character-based principles. One sheriff has even based his promotional exams on the contents of this book. I hope you like it…”                                                                                                                                                — Sheriff Ray

Dynamics covered in the book:

  • Dynamic of Coactivity
  • Dynamic of Character
  • Dynamic of Authority
  • Dynamic of Restoration
  • Dynamic of Strongholds
  • Dynamic of Relationships

Special “Website Only” Price – $9.95

Send payment via PayPal to ray@policedynamics.com and the e-Book will be sent to your e-mail address. This is not currently an automated service, so please allow 24-48 hours for delivery.

1 thought on “E-Book

  1. Thank you all for taking the time to write this book. For me, this is what I have to say: Character and Integrity are the lost traits of today’s generation. I found the Police Dynamics book to be very down to earth and applicable to the everyday life of everyone. I believe that this book is not only for police officers but for every one striving to instill and practice the missing components of our lifestyle: Character and Integrity. I have already used parts for teaching in a Bible class. In short it is becoming my practical manual for Character and Integrity.

    God Bless You,

    Rev. Richard Cavender


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