Training Videos

Produced on high-quality DVD by the Character Training Institute, the Police Dynamics Video Training Series provides a valuable resource for in-service or pre-service training.

Video Series

Dynamics covered in the Video Series:

Police Dynamics Training Videos

Police Dynamics Training Videos

Series 1 –

  • Dynamic of Coactivity
  • Dynamic of Character
  • Dynamic of Authority
  • Dynamic of Restoration
  • Dynamic of Strongholds
  • Dynamic of Relationships

Series 2 –

  • Dynamic of Discretion
  • Dynamic of Compliance
  • Dynamic of Jurisdictions
  • Dynamic of Expectations


Series One – $599

Series Two – $399

Please contact us by e-mail at to arrange purchase and we will tell you about our risk-free 30-day evaluation program.

3 thoughts on “Training Videos

  1. Greeting To My Sheriff,
    I thank God and pray for you and your family each day I awake, God sees the best in you, no matter what the world may see in you. As my Sheriff and friend, I LOVE YOU and will forever be your friend and greatful to you. You are one of a kind! You are doing an outstanding work and this is a wonderfull page and site but one can never expect anything less from you.

    Chaplain Earl Gooden

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