The Centurion

Here is the long-awaited video of the Centurion, filmed on location in Capernaum, Israel. The Dynamic of Authority is the centerpiece of the Police Dynamics message. And the account of the Centurion is the focal point of that dynamic. I had an incredible opportunity to relate this story from Matthew 8:5-13 standing in the very synagogue built by this amazing government leader.

The best historical illustration of a man under authority happened about 2000 years ago in this little village along the Sea of Gallilee. The Centurion assigned to this post was the representative of Roman governmental authority. He was the law enforcement official of that time, responsible for maintaining the law, order, health, safety, and morals of that community. As modern day centurions, his story is pivotal for any law enforcement officer or government official eager to gain an understanding of this important principle.

Here is some more video from Capernaum showing the outside of the synagogue, St. Peter’s home (under the glass dome), and the Sea of Gallilee.

3 thoughts on “The Centurion

  1. Ray,

    Hope this finds you well and alert! I have just finished watching “The Centurion”. EXCELLENT WORK! You speak dynamically to two points. You deliver the best explanation of the centurion’s authority and faith that I have ever heard. I have understood it for years but have never been able to verbalize it as you have.

    Second, you have described the ‘authority’ responsibility of not only the police and military but also of the heads of families, ministers of churches and the list could go on and on. WELL DONE!

    Of long time interest to me is that this centurion displayed faith ‘not seen in all of Israel’ i.e. he, a pagan, knew who Jesus was. Next, although probably not this centurion, the first recorded conversion we have after the cross is the centurion who said.”Truly, this was the Son of God” [Matt 27:54, Mark 15:39, Luke 23:47] The next recorded were of Cleopas and the other man on the road to Emmaus.

    Mike Mercer

  2. Sheriff,

    Thank you so very much for this letter of recommendation. I am so very pleased that you took your time to write it for me. I will always treasure the letter and your opinion of me. I am confident it will serve me well in my search for employment.

    I spoke with Bill Stahl today and we were talking about what a great chief we lost when you left Summerville. We both hold you in the highest regard. We spoke of your integrity and your support of your officers and of your leadership and fairness. You made it easy for us to do our job. We spoke of how you always seemed to see our abilities and how well you made your expectations known. I admire you greatly sir.

    Thanks again. You will always have a friend in me.

    Earl Worsham

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