Polish the Tarnished Badge – Introduction

A few years ago, the Charleston Post and Courier started a series of newspaper articles called Tarnished Badges. In it, they traced the problem of renegade police officers in SC and how they were impacting the profession of law enforcement.

At the National Sheriff’s Association Annual Training Conference in 2008,  Franklin Smith and Sheriff Ray Nash co-presented Polish the Tarnished Badge – the five steps to setting the standard from a character-based leadership perspective. This video is the first in a series taken from that training workshop.

1 thought on “Polish the Tarnished Badge – Introduction

  1. I read the article with interest. I believe it would inspire readers who have witnessed or become otherwise aware of the “tarneshing” of the very best of police traditions. What I found most interesting was the reference to the concept of service through leadership. It is, unfortunately, often ignored or forgotten.
    Principled and value-driven leadership form the basis and rock on which strong, decisive and visionary leadership is based. Your profile demonstrates that you have these characteristics and qualities in abundance and are driven to share them.
    Good luck with your work.


    and found it

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