Polish the Tarnished Badge – Part 2: Establish the Standard

Most professional standards in law enforcement agencies are achievement, performance, or behavior based standards. Yet most of our failures are related to character. There are two critical components to establishing our integrity: character and competence. Most of our training is related to competence while, again, most of our problems are in the character arena when it comes to ethical failures.

In Part 2 of Polish the Tarnished Badge from the National Sheriff’s Association Annual Conference, Sheriff Ray Nash presents the Dynamic of Character and explores the need for incorporating character into our professional standards of behavior.

2 thoughts on “Polish the Tarnished Badge – Part 2: Establish the Standard

  1. Ray is a great leader and breaks down the training to a common sense understanding. I truly thank him for where I am in my career.

    Thanks, stay safe over there.

    Richie Hill
    Charleston, South Carolina.

  2. As an ATI father/husband I attempted a few years ago to implement his Police Dynamics into our Department. Even though it did not get implemented into our training department, the seed was planted and hopefully will be re-addressed in the future. Ray has been an inspiration and encouragement to me even though I have never met him. We urgently need men/women of character in all walks of life, but it’s critical in law enforcement.

    God Bless,

    Bruce Carne, Captain Retired
    Oregon State Police

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